Hi, my name is Laura and I’d like to give you a brief introduction to help you understand my journey to becoming an Alternative/Complimentary therapist.

I’ve had many different jobs spanning almost 40years. After working in bars, grocery shop, supermarket and gift shop I decided to train as a hairstylist. I worked at this for many years knowing it was not what I was meant to be doing. I went to art college following a passion I had since childhood and finally began working with a young man with intellectual difficulties sharing my knowledge of art with him. I enjoyed this line of work and eventually went to college to train as a social care worker. Working with males with intellectual difficulty and other complex needs gave me great job satisfaction but there was always something at the back of my mind telling me I was not fulfilling my lifes purpose.

I have always been interested in Alternative/Complimentary medicine and therapies but never thought it would be the area that feels so right for me. I began a Sound Therapy course, with the Colour of Sound Institute, some years ago and was amazed at the health benefits from sound alone. Watching my friends and family improve in all aspects of their lives as I trained, i.e. improved sleep, reduced/free from pain, increased confidence, was the drive I needed to continue on this path. I also completed a course with Celtic School of Sound and began my journey as a Sound Therapist.

While training in Sound Therapy I began a Reiki course which I believed would enhance my Sound Therapy practice. Reiki had always fascinated me as I couldn’t understand the concept. I was amazed at how quickly it can work and how many people are open to receiving Reiki Healing. The difference between each session is difficult to put into words as each individual has there own unique experience.

After several years of practice in these two modalities I began training in Rahanni, which is said to be a deeper level of healing than Reiki. It works on much the same principle as Reiki as it is a hands on healing and transmits healing energy through the therapist to the client. I related to this energy with its gentle love vibrations that awakens the heart to all possibilities.

I was introduced to Tameana and Blue Light Synergy while recovering from an injury. I hadn’t heard of it before and was most intrigued. It was taught in Mexico and the training had not come to Ireland at this point.  There was very few people trained to teach Tameana and I knew I wouldn’t be traveling to Mexico to train anytime in the near further. As luck would have it the trainer, Judith Zavala, decided to visit Ireland and do a training session before heading home. I signed up and spent two wonderful days experiencing this beautiful Chrystal healing. I connected to this energy immediately. It is different to Sound Therapy but can be used during a sound session. It’s is a non-touch healing which allows those who prefer a non-touch therapy  or those with sensory issues to receive this healing.

When I started my journey as a Alternative/Complimentary therapist I realised that this is what I was missing in my life. I discovered that I enjoyed the theory as much as the practice. I found myself coming to life, being energised after every session while, enjoying seeing the benefits of what these Alternative/Complimentary therapies can do for people.

My life seems to be complete now. I know every person has the ability to become a healer but not every person would be fulfilled doing it. Like the many previous jobs I’ve held they lacked something important but I didn’t quite know what. Now I know, I will enjoy the rest of my life DOING WHAT I LOVE WHILE LOVING WHAT I DO!